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Shoe Organizers

Shoe Organizers

Lets face it, when you have lots of shoes it is not practical nor organized to store them on the floor of your closet all lined up in a row. This takes up too much room, thankfully there is an array of different kinds of shoe organizers.

Since there are so many different kinds of shoe organizers you will be able to find the one that fits your closet and suits you best for the number of shoes that you own and want to organize.

A very simple shoe organizer that you can use can hang on the door of your closet. The amount of pockets that it will have will be determined by the model that you get but you can find one to hold all of the pairs that you love, saving you hanging space and floor space.

A good option to get when you are not able to use a door shoe organizer is a set of hanging shelves to hold the shoes. This kinds of shoe organizer is often associated with both men's shoes and athletic shoes.

A bit of a combination of the first two kinds of shoe organizers is a set of hanging shelves that has mesh pockets on the site. This will give you a bit more room and again works well when using your door is not an option and you are avoiding using the floor for shoe storage.

A third hanging shoe organizer option is a one that is made of vinyl pockets, allowing to not only keep you shoes well protected but also be able to quickly see what pair that each pocket is holding.

A common shoe storage unit for the floor is a shoe rack. A good kind to get is an expandable one to better custom fit your closet space as well as the size of your shoe collection.

Similar to the rack, although never expandable, is a sectional shoe organizer, allowing you to keep pair of shoes in cubbies, keep them both plain in site and off the floor.

A very unique way to store your shoes in your closet is to store them in their very own closet. A shoe closet allows you to keep your shoes organized, off the ground and with a close-able canvas free of dust.

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