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Privacy Policy of

Privacy Policy of

Your privacy is very important to us as is your personal information. We never sell, share, rent or disclose any of the personal information that is obtained through the submissions of comments and questions one may send.

We never use your email address for spam and do not support any spam-like activity. Any of the email addresses that are submitted to are kept confidential and again are not shared, given or sold to a third party.

This website,, contains both links and advertisements to external sites. We do not and can not control or be held responsible for the content of these external websites. We encourage our visitors to read the privacy polices of these sites.

You may notice that some of the advertisers on our site may use cookies, this is completely normal in the internet industry and is often only recording that their was a click of one of their ads from our site or that the page view of you looking at our site is being counted. We do not control these cookies and the cookies are not subject to this policy. For the information of the data that is collected from those cookies contact those companies directly.

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