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Paper Organizers

Paper Organizers

Paper is something that is important to keep organized. Whether you are sorting important documents that you need to send and file or separating different shades of printer paper that you intend to use, having everything organized is a good thing to do.

Their are numerous pieces that you can use to sort your paper, but the three most common are discussed on this page. You may also find desktop organizers as well as mail organizers helpful in seeing what there is that you can use to sort your paper and keep it organized, but of course such an organizer will be taken up space on your desk.

Three main items that are used to organize paper are the popular stacker trays. Often good for storing several different types of paper and/or documents. Keeping such an organizer on your desk can help you keep all of your documents organized.

Silver Mesh In/Out File Sorter by Design Ideas Mesh In/Out File Sorter

Similar to the paper organizer mentioned above this is a common organizer that is referred to as an in/out sorter. Some designs allow you to bolt the sorter to the wall so you can free up desk space.

A more discrete way to sort your files, documents and printer paper is a file box. Some of which will free stand on their own while other are expandable and when not open take up very little space. All of the different organizers for paper that are mentioned above can be found at as well as many other great and useful organizers.

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