Organize a Home

Organizing Clutter

Organizing Clutter

At one time or another everyone wants to organize all of the stuff that they have. Decluttering your home doesn't have to be hard and neither does organizing the clutter that you have in your house. In fact organizing clutter can actually be very easy.

Before we talk about organizing we should address what clutter means. As a noun clutter is a confused or disordered state or collection and as a verb clutter is to fill or spread over in a disorderly manner. With this in mind it isn't just about sorting the clutter you have appropriately but possibly parting with some of it to make it all fit in an orderly fashion.

Take one area at a time, if you want to start small start with a drawer, you can conquer the room that it is in later. Don't feel like you have to spend an entire day decluttering an area, set a certain amount of time that you would like to dedicate to the process and time yourself if you want. Have plenty of boxes and containers for sorting all of your clutter and label these boxes with words like, keep, sell, donate and if the item is something that just needs to go into another room make a box that is labeled that room. To save time as soon as you come across a memento that you can not part with store is properly so it can be kept safe.

Once the room is empty you can clean the area, this is important to do before you move everything back into the space. Take this time to repair or replace anything that you need to in the room and if you are up for it repaint. As you look at the empty room take the time to design an area with a defined space. To define a space you have to choose what belongs in the area and that anything else needs to be housed elsewhere.

Here are some tips of how to decide if something should stay or go. Make sure that it is something that you have used in the last two years or something that you know you will be using within the next year. If it is a duplicate make sure that you really need more than one. As you come across things that need repaired, make sure that the process of repairing is going to be worth it in both time and money as opposed to just replacing it. Always make sure that you are keeping things that you love, if you don't love it do you really need it?

Sometimes the thought of going through everything that you own, can seem overwhelming. If you find yourself hesitating organizing what you have because of this feeling you should take a step back and simply pick an simple area. The more you organize and declutter the easier that it will become.

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