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Laundry Organizers

Laundry Organizers

Although you may not want to spend a lot of time in your laundry room sometimes it is inevitable. Thankfully having an organized laundry room by using laundry organizers will make doing laundry so much easier.

You actually have many different options of laundry organizers and because of this you can easily find exactly what you need to get your laundry room both organized and a pleasure to be in.

A very useful kind of laundry organizer is a cart that is thin enough to fit between your washer and dryer or off to the side of the room out for the way when it is not in use. These carts range in height and design. Some of them are a series of shelves, some have bags for dirty and/or clean clothes with shelves or with a pull to hang your clothes on. Thirdly some of these carts have a top that you can fold, sort and even iron on.

A very simple, yet very useful laundry organizer is a simple shelf that goes just behind your washer or dryer where you can store all of your laundry detergents and stain sprays.

If you use a ironing board a nifty way that you can store it is by using an ironing board and accessory holder. With a bit of added storage you can even house some of your laundry accessories.

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