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How to Organize a Child's Playroom

How to Organize a Child's Playroom

There are many reasons to have a play area in your house. One is that your children still need supervision while they are playing and their bedrooms are too far away from the common living room or family room. Another is that they have enough fun stuff that they need a play area or even room in the house to play with everything. For added tips check out How to Organize Toys.

Map out where you would like to have the furniture to house the toy storage and large toys, like a rocking horse, easel and table and chair set. This can establish the toy area outline. You don't want to completely make 4 wall or the toy area will start to feel like a jail cell to your little ones.

Toy Organizers - having the right toy organizer for the job can really make keeping your child's room nice and neat, and more importantly keeping a lot of toys off the floor making the time that your child is playing in their room more enjoyable and safer. There is a huge selection of different kinds of toy organizers so finding exactly what you need for your child's toys is very easy and clean up for both you and your child will also become a lot easier.

If your child also has toys in their room rotate them periodically, this will keep things fresh. This can be done easily when your child has a toy caddy or collapsing cloth box, deciding what toys to swap can be something that you do together. Also if the play area is shared with another space consider keeping quiet toys in the area instead of the ones that make a lot of noise. This is great if the play area is near an area where mom or dad have to work or where they may be watching television. Try to keep the number of the same kind of toy limited, for instance your child doesn't need to have every single stuffed animal that they own within reach, keep the majority of them in your child's room or in the play area up high.

Playroom chair storage
Playroom chairs that regularly aren't in use can be
placed off to the side until they are needed.
Limit the use of furniture pieces with drawers and toy boxes that you use as kids seem to be very "out of sight, out of mind" thinkers. Sometimes if the favored toys are tucked away too often into a toy box they are seldom played with and it is the toys out in open bins and on shelves that are chosen. For this reason having thinner shelves can be good for saving room and so there are not too many toys in front and behind one another. This will help with clean up too, because your child won't pull out many toys to get to one.

Make sure that the large pieces in the play area or playroom, play kitchen, table and chair, etc., have plenty of functional space around them. This way if the children need to open the a door on the stove they can do that easily and if they need to pull out a chair on any side of the table they can do that and easily sit down. For all of the chairs that a table set has that are extra you can keep off to the side until your child has guests. Encourage your child to donate the toys that they no longer play with periodically to help keep down on the amount of toys your child has and especially when they have an upcoming birthday or holiday where they will receive gifts. To continue to keep the playroom or play area organized do daily clean up, or more if you want, with your children and encourage them to put everything in its place. This will help your child enjoy the space more and help you with the clean up process all at the same time. All of the toy organizers mentioned on this site, including the example link shown above can be found at

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