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How to Organize a Child's Bedroom

How to Organize a Child's Bedroom

A child's bedroom can quickly become messy no matter what the age. Organizing a child's room, no matter what the age, can certainly help with the chances of it becoming very messy and it can be picked up quickly when it is organized.

A main part of a child's room is their toys. Organizing toys is a process all on its own and tips can be found in How to Organize Toys. We must not forget all of the other items that a child's room contains and need to be organized though. There are few large future pieces that take up room in your kid's room and after choosing the right ones of those you can find that everything else pretty much comes together.

Think about the bed, some would call it the dreaded bed, since children's rooms are often designed with a smaller square footage. It seems that the average bed swallows up half of the room. By selecting a bed that caters to the size of the room you can actually gain a lot of space that the bed was taking up. If your bedroom is housing two children consider using bunk beds, if you need to only sleep one child in a room use a bed with a cabin frame leaving space underneath the bed. Even a bed high enough off the ground can add extra storage to house extra blankets and a bed with built in drawers can house your child's clothes. In order for a kid's room to be organized sometimes it is essential to have a bed that offers extra space.

When choosing a dresser for a child you have a few things to consider Are most of your child's clothes hung up in their closet or folded? Can you fit the dresser in the closet? Try and keep clothes storage limited for your child as their room will be also holding toys and they grow out of clothes so quickly there is no since in stocking up on outfits, especially if you live in an area where your seasons are very different.

Child's Organized Bedroom
Choosing a smaller bed can create a
lot more space in a child's bedroom.
The key is to shoot for having a small dresser and if you can keep in the closet, this will leave more walking space and playing space. It also opens the idea of keeping a desk in your child's room which can be a great piece to work in for both school work and art and crafts. If you have a young child who has a lot of large toys or even a table and chair sets try and keep everything to the walls to allow for a safe amount of walking space, although you want the chairs at a little table to be easily pulled out to be sat in if you only have one or two children you can accomplish this even when the table is in a corner. Temporarily remove extra chairs from the room or put them off to the side of the room until your child has a guest.

An added tip for keeping a child's room organized is to have regular clean up sessions where everything that isn't in use or being played with needs to be put away. For younger children this is something that you can help with and even set a reward system, such a piece of paper that states each day that your child picked up their room and place a sticker next to the date. Your child will feel proud about the stickers as well as like that their room stays clean. For older children and teens you won't have to help with the clean up but encouraging is very important. Don't feel complete defeated if you can't convince your 16 year old once a day to clean their room, just know that by having the proper organizers in their room it will be easier for them to do so and therefore they will being doing it much more often than if their room was not at one time or another designed to be organized.

You can find all sorts of organizers for your child's bedroom at  Both you and your child will be delighted to have an organized room and will want to keep it that way.

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