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How to Organize Your Computer

How to Organize Your Computer

If you have noticed that your computer is running slow, or you just would like to get all of the programs and files on it in order, organizing your computer is a great thing to do. You'll be glad that you did and so will your computer.

Getting your computer organized will be something that will help both you and your computer. Like everything in organizing the first step to getting your computer organized or rather the computer files is to delete anything that you no longer want or need. Upon doing this it is a good idea to defrag your computer. Once all you have left on your computer are important documents you can begin to sort them appropriately.

Some people find that a bit of renaming of their files allows them to have them sorted in the order they want, by adding a 01 behind the name of the first document in the folder they want to see, a 02 to the second file that they would like to see and so on. Rename any file that you can't tell what it is from reading its current name.

Put all of the digital photos that you have in one folder and use sub folders to separate them more specifically with the dates that they were taken or with what event that they revolved around, Timmy's first birthday, family vacation 2006, etc. Keep financial documents in one folder and separate them by more specific types.

Try and back up important documents often, how often of this is up to you but it is recommended at least every season for general documents and for business documents it is recommended at the end at every month. As a precaution check that the disk works and be sure to finalize the disk. Always check backups before you delete something off of your computer's hard drive.

Be careful what you decide to put on your desktop, the more icons that you have on your desktop the more it will affect the performance of your computer. With the exception of the default programs that are on your desktop remove any icons and avoid adding any new program short cuts and documents to it.

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