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How to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet

When it comes time to organize an area in your home the first thing that you have to examine is if the items that are there belong in such a place and they are still things that reflect who you are. As for organizing your closet there is no exception.

One must ask themselves if these garments that they own are things that reflect their personal style and who they are and if they have too many of such items. Although you do not necessarily have to trim down your wardrobe and shoe collection to achieve an organized closet it certainly helps to weed out anything that you truly have no interest in wearing again.

There are not rules as to how your closet has to be organized, you can choose what ever fits your lifestyle best. Some people like to sort their clothes by color while other prefer to place short sleeved shirts with one another, long sleeved shirts with one another, pants together, skirts together, jackets along side one another, etc. Don't worry if you don't have enough hangers to hold all of you clothes, you can temporarily pack up seasonal pieces or fold things like jeans and sweaters.

If you are still limited in space after eliminating the clothes that you know you will not wear again organizing your closet can still be easily managed without extra purging of clothes. With the help of some simple and inexpensive Closet Organizers you are able to maximize your space.

You may not need to get any new pieces for your closet organizing and be just fine. A good thing to try and do is limit what you closet contains to the things that you wear on a regular basis and remove anything that is seasonal to another area, such as another closet in your house, in a dresser or trunk in your bedroom or other part of the house or stored in boxes or trunks underneath your bed. Although you may not wear your nicest suit or evening gown on a regular basis if you choose to leave it hanging in your bedroom closet consider have such an item or items to the end of the closet, staying both wrinkle free and easy to find when the time comes to wear it. Another good thing to do is to fold large pieces, like bulky sweaters, and put them in a dresser instead of hanging them up. Such items will be out of the way making everyday dressing easier and certainly more organized and in the long run will help accomplish the tasks of putting the clean laundry away.

As mentioned before there is no rule as to how you organize the items in your closet but here are tips on what usually works well. Keep shoes on the bottom area of the closet, if you have many pair seriously consider getting a shoe organizer to save space. If you have a double bar in your closet or plan to install a closet organizer that allows this consider keeping shirts (and jackets) on the top bar, and pants (and skirts) on the bottom. Ideally have enough single bar to hold your dresses and long coats. If you are able to keep you dresser in the closet keep your socks and underwear in the top drawer (as it will be the most frequented drawer). From there choose the things that you keep in the remaining drawers placing the things you'll wear the least on the bottom drawer.

Try and restrict your dresser to house only clothing, whether it be pajamas, large sweaters or shorts, and keep things like linens in a separate area. If you have shelving for it place large hand bags and hats on the top shelf or shelves. Hang belts and ties on the wall or door of the closet, a tie organizer can help you keep your ties both nice and neat while taking up little room in your closet.

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