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How to Organize a Bedroom

How to Organize a Bedroom

Organizing the master bedroom can make for a better night sleep as well as an over all more enjoyable feeling when you are using your in your bedroom. There are some easy steps that can allow you to get everything in order in your bedroom.

Probably from when we were children there is probably something inside of us that makes us think that we need everything we own in our bedroom. For this reason a bedroom can easily be cluttered up by things that you may need but don't necessarily need in your bedroom. As a good rule of thumb you should use your bedroom for your shoes and clothes, and this mainly should remain in your closet, and leisure reading and/or TV watching. You can be flexible and keep one or two other things but remember that less is more.

Organizing your clothes and shoes are really more of a closet organization issue. How to Organize Your Closet will offer information on how to get your shoes and clothes in order and what closet organizers can help you keep your closet nice looking and completely functional.

Choose a dresser that has big enough drawers to hold sweaters and enough space for everyone in the room. Often a couple will each either have their own dresser or will have a large enough dresser that they each can have their own side.

If you read in bed have a nice lamp either to the side of your bed on the wall or on the night stand, or you can just use a book light to avoid making the room too bright. If you would like to have an area where you can sit in your room consider having a chair for each person or a nice little love seat. Position your TV so you can see it from your bed or from the seating area.

When you tons and tons of books reserve book space that you keep in your room for books that you know will be the ones that you will reading in there. If you are pushed for space only keep a basket worth next to the bed or chair where you will be reading.

If your room is housing a lot of stuff that you don't use in the bedroom, with the exception of such things as things like photos, the best way to get it all organized is to move it to another part of the house, a part of the house where it will serve a better purpose than taking up space.

You will be amazed at how much space you have in your room around and under your bed. Keep seasonal clothes in clear labeled containers under your bed, if you need to, raise your bed. At the end of your bed you can keep a nice looking trunk for extra storage and don't forget that a nightstand on either side of the bed will allow you to keep everything you need at your side, such as a glass of water, reading glasses, alarm clock, etc.

Lastly make room for a hamper to keep your dirty laundry, if you can not fit it in your closet. You find that having a waste waste basket in your bedroom is very practical. You can find everything you need to organize your bedroom at

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