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How to Organize a Basement

How to Organize a Basement

A finished basement has a lot of potential to be lot of things. You can even turn an unfinished basement is to a great living space where you can entertain, do crafts or use it as your own home theater. Organizing a basement is a great way to utilize the space.

Depending on what you are starting with will affect what steps you will need to take in organizing your basement. Also, the finished product that you plan to get will affect what tasks you will need to. If your basement is unfinished it is important to clean the floor and walls. If you will be painting a concrete basement make sure that you use a waterproofing sealant first. For flooding purposes you should choose plastic waterproof bins to keep things in the basement as a precaution. If you actually have to do construction on your basement before you can organize it be sure to consult the local government for the proper building codes you'll need to follow.

If your basement is a functional living space and you would like it to be a rec room or a home theater there are some simple things that you can do to make it your desired room. For a home theater use an entertainment center that can hold the sound equipment, television, DVD player and all of your movie collection. As an added precaution to flooding your can place your TV area on a raised area and keep your movies in waterproof bins and as an added bonus you can use blackout blinds on any windows.

When you want to organize your basement for entertaining more like a rec room, perhaps with a pool table there is a slightly different approach. Make sure that you place the pool table far enough away from the walls that you can comfortably play pool at any angle. Make sure that the back of chairs or couches will not be hit with any pool sticks, actually the people sitting in the furniture is what you are worried about, as well as any expensive sound or television equipment that you have.

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