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How to Make Your Life Organized

How to Make Your Life Organized

It is clear that everyone wants to have an organized life. When things in your life are in order you have less to think about and are able to enjoy your life more. Organizing your life can be easier than you might think, all it takes is a good attitude and a little bit of motivation. Wanting to get your life organized is the first step to organizing your life. The next step is to make goals. Once you know what it is that you want to be accomplishing you can devise a plan on how to do that. Upon making your master lists of goals, keep it somewhere where you will always be able to find it, we recommend hanging it on the wall. After setting some priorities of what you wrote on your list, you can decide on a small project or aspect of your life that you would like to organize. A broad goal should be to simplify and organize. Simplifying and organizing go hand in hand.

Here are a couple examples of doing things that will not only simply your life but make it more organized, by either just one kind of something, removing duplicates or finding the right home for an item. You can utilize one notebook to stay on top of all of your notes and a calendar to stay on top of all of the important dates in the year. When it comes time to make a note in a notebook use a master notebook and use that notebook up before you start another. When you make a note on the paper and than are through with it, draw a quick X through it. This will let you know that the note in no longer important and if both sides of the paper have X's on it and there is not any room to make another note you know you can tare that page out and throw it out. You can keep this master notebook where ever you deem it most useful to you, such at your computer desk.

Sometimes having a notebook for the quick notes that you make for the day or week and a notebook for the notes that you make for things that won't be taking care of quickly works better. This will save more paper in the long run, because if you think of something that you want to remember next week on a page with notes all for that day you'll have to carry that note over to the next page as you will be eager to tare out the piece of paper. Don't buy more of what you already have. Try to continuously get through anything that needs to be filled out or read before it can be discarded. Word searches, crosswords and other book puzzles are great to have but if you have some and don't plan on using them consider giving them to someone who can enjoy them now and save yourself one book if you do want to have it on hand. Don't get another until you have used up the one you have. The same principal applies to books, if you have many to read you will want to focus on reading before you add another to your collection. Also if you have read books and know that you will not read them again and would like to share them with someone, donate them.

Address books need to be updated periodically because you have to adjust addresses when people move and add addresses when you meet people. Once your address book reaches a point where it is out dated and you can not effectively update it you should carry over any good information to another blank address book. Before you get another address book consider getting a rola-dex as they are easily updated, take very little room and allow you to have the address in front of you without the concern of a page closing on you while you address a letter. Be cautious of having many address books, while it can be handy to keep a small address book in your purse or briefcase and one in with your stationary and one at your desk, with multiple address books you run the risk of not updating them all so if you are looking for an address you may only have one of these address books on hand while the others are the ones that are more current. The quickest way to record the correct address of someone that has sent you something is to tape the return address on the corner of the envelope on to the page or Rolodex card. This works great for business cards as well.

With the age of the internet, phone books are becoming less and less used however they are in no way obsolete, it may seem like you have them piling up though. You just need to keep one current phone book, all pasts ones can be recycled. Phone books are large and if you don't use yours consider keeping it in the car, a place where you are not likely to have the internet as oppose to the home. Utilize your calendar. There is usually no reason to keep an old calendar, at the end of the year though review the notes that you made. If you are using a new paper calendar add the special dates from your old calendar to your new calendar including birthday and anniversaries of friends and family, by using a writer board calendar you will be able to update it every month. Having a calendar that has just these special dates on it can be great to have if you have a large group of friends and family and are eager to stay on top of birthday and anniversary cards. At the beginning of the year you will be able to know how many occasions you need to get cards for and buy them ahead of time. Organizing your home will reflect on your life being organized. So add to that list every thing you want to organize big and small and take it one task at a time.

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