Organize a Home

General Tips on How to Organize Stuff

General Tips on How to Organize Stuff

Organizing can be a very rewarding task, however many will put it off. The longer that you wait to start organizing your stuff the harder it may be to organize it. While initially starting can seem a little overwhelming there are 10 things to keep in mind when you are organizing just about anything. It is amazing how much no matter what you are organizing the same principles apply. These 10 tips will help you throughout your journey to become 100% organized. By following these tips you will find that organizing whatever it is that you are organizing is much easier than you thought it would be. The more that you organize your things the better you will be at organizing new things as soon as you get them. Pretty soon, you will be able to organize everything and maintain it organized.

Tip 1: Sort Everything Before You Begin

Before you can begin organizing you have to see what you have. Get all like items together in the room you plan to organize before you start to put things away.

Tip 2: Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Not usually everyone's favorite word but certainly an important one when it comes to organizing. You can simplify your life by removing all of the clutter that you don't need in it.

Tip 3: Embrace Labeling

There are two great reasons to label containers that hold your belongings. One is that you will know exactly what is inside without having to open it and two you will know instantly where something needs to be put back, and that you'll be sure to find it the next time that you need it.

Tip 4: Make Lists and DO Them

Lists can be a wonderful way of putting off something that you need to do, but they can also be a great way to keep track all that you want to do. If you make a to-do list be sure to get everything crossed off.

Tip 5: Set Short Term and Long Term Goals

Figure out what you want to organize in your home and life and write it down, assessing what is something that is short term, like filing the monthly bills, and long term like organizing the attic. Having a goal will make you both eager to meet it and help you remember to do it.

Tip 6: Involve Others

Encourage the people in your home, your partner and children, to embrace organizing as well. You don't want to waste effort organizing a room if other people are going to clutter it up.

Tip 7: Think Smaller

The best way to keep a space organized is to choose the least amount of space that you need. This may sound like it would leave you with little storage but actually it gives the right amount of storage and leaves room for other things.

Tip 8: If Something Comes, In Take Something Out

After decluttering you will feel awesome about the things you have decided to donate or remove from your living space, but if you fill that space back up with just more stuff that feeling will disappear. As you get new things keep your life simple and donate something else.

Tip 9: Stick With the Plan

Make sure that you and the other people in your home stick with the new design of things and how things are organized. If there is a boxed labeled magazines, don't stick movies in it.

Tip 10: Get Started

The hardest part of getting organized is also the easiest. You just have to start the organization process and once you are in it, you'll find that you can finish the project in no time.

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