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Cable Organizers

Cable Organizers

All of the cables and cords that come with all of the electronics that you have can leave your home very unorganized. Not to mention that they can make it less child friendly and harder on your cable and cords. Cable organizers can solve this.

There are many different items that you can use to keep your cables and cords all organized. Organizing is a good idea to take better care of them and to make things more safe.

One thing that you can use to organize your cables is a cable clip, also called a cord clip. You'll be able to keep many cables together by clamping them with cable clips.

Another thing that you can use to keep your cables neatly together and dust free is an item that is essentially a tube that contains all of the cables that are in one area. In addition to keeping your cords dust free it will keep them tangle free and organized as well.

Consider using straps to keep thick cords that you need to keep together or to roll up to shorten their length. For smaller cables you can use cord shorteners that either keep excess cord inside of them or roped up around them. Either ones are great to keep your cords and cables organized.

Another useful item that can help you keep your cord organized is cord separator. At the end of the desk it will keep your cables far enough apart that they will resist becoming tangled up with one another.

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