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Belt Organizers

Belt Organizers

Belts are one of those accessories that once you have more than one you find that they deserve a certain amount of space all to themselves, or shared with other accessories. Belt organizers can give your belts all the space they need to stay both organized and easy for you to find. Not to mention storing your belts with an organizer will not damage them where as stuff them into a drawer or hanging them on a jagged nail or hook can.

When it comes to belt organizers you have a ton of different options so it is easy to find the perfect belt organizer that will suit you best for the amount of belts you have and where you can store them. There are several kinds of belt organizers that use a hanger hook so they can simply hang at the end of your closet rod. One of these actually looks very much like a hanger except you can hang your belts from it. Another looks similar to a hanger but has many levels allowing you to neatly organize dozens of belts.

Two different belt organizers that use the hanger hook to be placed in the closet, but do not have a hanger look, are also good choices. A common choice and the kind of belt organizer that is widely seen is one that has a circle shaped wire to hang the belts. The other is not a continuous circle and instead is a large hook and is also very popular. In general, these types of belt organizers can also be used to hold scarves. If you have a large collection of belts then it make be in your interest to get more than one belt organizer, so that you can properly store all of your belts without damaging any of them.

All of these belt organizers are really good options.You can utilize the space on your door and hang your belts from an over the door belt organizer as well. When the door is not an option and you do not want to use one of the hanger like belt organizers you can organize your belts on wall rack with pegs. Sometimes these wall racks with pegs have an added shelf for other storage. Often belts organizers will also be able to store other similar accessories that you keep in your closet, like ties or scarves, so you will be able to get just one type of item and be able to keep many of your things in your closet organized. You can find the different kinds of belt organizers mentioned above at and

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