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Organizing your home is the first start to making your life less hectic and more enjoyable. However organizing yourself is equally important to simplify your life. The best part about organizing both your home and your life is that you don't have to go broke doing it.

The first step to organizing your home is to take it one piece at a time, or rather one room at a time. Find articles and tips as welll as other good things to know when organizing such areas as your garage, kitchen, bedroom, basement and laundry room.

The important thing to remember when you start to organize a room or area in your house is that every little bit that you do will help with the big picture. You don't have to finish an entire room in one day, you should feel good about just organizing a drawer.

Also it is important to remember that sometimes when you start to organize something you have to declutter the area. This doesn't mean that you have to get rid of things, but rather you may have to find new homes for some of the things that are in the space that you are organizing. Everything needs a place and when everything is in its place the room will be organized.

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